We have recently learned of the proposed plans by Alexandria’s Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities to eliminate one of the few tennis courts remaining in the city. According to the draft Powhatan Park Plan, the tennis court would be eliminated in favor of outdoor adult fitness equipment (example below).

Adult Fitness Equipment
Example of adult fitness equipment.

Tennis courts are few and far between in the city, and it would be an absolute travesty to lose this one. Despite what’s mentioned on the plan, the court is used quite often by local residents (many of whom use it on a regular weekly basis.)

Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages, and given the sheer number of young families it is an excellent way for children to get outside the house and exercise. Also, this area is quite versed in fitness (Washington, DC was recently named the fittest city in the country) and many residents are already members of gyms, crossfit, etc. For those looking for cheaper alternatives, the Charles Houston Recreation Center is a short 5 minute walk from the park, and contains its own fitness room which can be enjoyed by residents for roughly 34 cents a day by purchasing an annual pass, or $5 per use.

Survey results from local residents in Fall 2014 also indicated that the overwhelming majority of respondents (17 of 19) wanted the court repaired or preserved, not removed.

Please let the city know you want to save our tennis court!


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